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We are Sunpearl Bakery

Sunpearl Bakery has been servicing the Orlando Metro area since 2004. Due to enormous requests, we have expanded our business by taking Online orders to meet our customers' needs. Customers can browse our Cake catalogs on official website and can be picked up at our store or locations. Please “Like” us and “Share” our page!

親愛的顧客,我們是Sunpearl Bakery聖寶,在地Orlando開業多年的台灣烘焙坊,店面位於Orlando華埠購物廣場內,本店為能更加服務奧蘭多消費者的需求,提供線上預訂蛋糕服務並於門市或多個取貨地點取貨,可以在我們線上官網內看到所有產品及價格. 請各位多多使用並分享. 謝謝


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